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__ FREE with every purchase: Save time & Money.Free technical consultation, advice and guidance from our trained, knowledgeable Ultra Ever Dry staff gives you better results..

MAXX knows how to apply Ultra Ever Dry for success the first time.

Without guidance, some people won't get the results they expect from Ultra Ever Dry. The truth is that there are specific techniques to properly apply Ultra Ever Dry, based on detailed specifics like intended use and composition of an item. That's why technical consultation is so important.

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Maxx offers first-time buyers:
  • Advice and assistance for proper Ultra Ever Dry application, cleanup and storage
  • Assessment of target area/substrate to be coated with Ultra Ever Dry
  • Guided preparation of substrate and Ultra Ever Dry spray equipment
  • Equipment calibration for seamless Ultra Ever Dry application
  • Time & money saving application tips based on your specific needs
  • Expert Ultra Ever Dry spray application service upon request
  • International ship & pack of Ultra Ever Dry per IATA/DOT/IMO regulations.

MAXX helps YOU make the magic happen!
We know the ins and outs of Ultra Ever Dry. Maxx Sales' Technical Product Managers train Ultra Ever-Dry certified sprayers and ensure customers understand the considerations that affect the manner of proper spray application, expected frequency of touch-ups or reapplication and potential performance issues for their specific Ultra Ever Dry project objective.
We know our stuff.
In fact, Maxx Sales developed Ultra Ever-Dry product training for the manufacturer. Maxx Sales is a fully authorized Ultra Ever Dry distributor. We are the only company currently accredited by the manufacturer as BOTH an Ultra Ever Dry Certified Spray Applicator and Certified Instructor for the Ultra Ever Dry Spray Application Certificate
course. Unlike other distributors, we are able to offer sound advice and support to our customers to ensure time, effort and investment in Ultra Ever Dry is not wasted due to ineffective or improper application.

Contact MAXX (1-866-606-71861-866-606-7186) today to get started with Ultra Ever Dry

Work with MAXX to develop an Ultra Ever Dry application plan right for the unique scope or type of object you want to protect. Get more knowledge and support for real success with Ultra Ever Dry.




In simplest terms, Ultra Ever Dry is a liquid-proofing treatment that can protect a variety of materials (metals, steel, plastic, wood, fabric, fiberglass paper, foam ...) from ice, water and oil damage. Spray a thin layer of Ultra Ever Dry on just about anything, let it dry and watch water and oil bead up and repel off; liquids can't stick to it!

Ultra Ever Dry is an exterior coating that prevents damage from dampness, ice formation, dirt and oil accumulation or corrosion. Ultra Ever Dry uses proprietary nanotechnology to cover fine cracks and create a continuous barrier to keep moisture and seepage from causing problems growth of molds, algae, fungi and mildew growth. Based on the same technology as Rustoleum's NeverWet, Ultra Ever Dry is a substantially more powerful, industrial-strength coating.

Ultra Ever Dry Wow-Factor:

  • Repels water and oil - Liquids bead up and slough off of Ultra Ever Dry; they can't stick
  • Flexible - Ultra Ever Dry is not brittle; resistant to cracking; excellent bridging ability
  • Tough - Ultra Ever Dry withstands extreme temperatures and wind driven rain
  • Elastomeric - Ultra Ever Dry easily withstands thermal expansion & contraction stress
  • Non-conductive - Ultra Ever Dry works on electronics; moderate insulating properties
  • Ready to use - Pre-mixed! Just shake, apply Ultra Ever Dry and let cure
  • Easy cleaning - Dry dust sloughs; just a gentle rinse dusts concave surfaces
  • Breathable - Ultra Ever Dry is permeable to vapors like air and gasses
  • Anti-ice - Ultra Ever Dry prevents ice from forming, even salt-brine ice beads up!
  • Anti-corrosion - Ultra Ever Dry protects surfaces from moisture and prevents corrosion


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